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In the training with Elise I learned to be more myself. By combining the power of my voice with my posture and my energy I feel more persuasive. I also enjoyed her playful approach!

Top consultant Hanneke Beijer

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What is the Sound Palette Method?

Whether you’re the CEO of an international corporation, or the owner of a small family business, presenting to a huge audience, or involved in tricky 1-on-1 negotiations, developing your Sound Palette means knowing you can depend on your voice to persuade, to influence, and to inspire your audience/listener.

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Some of the companies I have worked with in the last 25 years.


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May 19, 2020

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May 5, 2020

How the Sound of our Voice Influences others

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"I felt I had the chance to get to know my voice all over again and was often surprised by what I heard!"

- Carlijn Eijking | The Dutch Central Bank

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Elise Lorraine

"Re-connecting a client to their original, powerful vocal sound and seeing the confidence boost that it gives them makes my job the best in the world! The story begins here!"

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