May 20, 2020

Is there a bigger You trying to get out?

Is there a bigger You trying to get out?
Or: Releasing your inner ice cream seller

From: "The Chronicles of a Performance Trainer"
Giving courses to boards of directors used to be a hazardous business. 25 years ago such people were very suspicious of trainers from a performing artsbackground. They feared they'd be taught to "act" (flattering both themselves and us by thinking that it might be achievable in 3 modules of 2 days!) which would therefore mean that they would become"un-authentic".
The mistaken thought behind this being that the degree to which one is expressive, particularly vocally, is immutable, something we're given - or not- at birth and should not be tampered with!
Not true!

An example:
Henk, from finance: not expected to give presentations or lead meetings often, and even when he did, not expected to charm and inspire like the irrepressibleKen - Sales (of whom more later).
And yet, there came a moment in a particular exercise when I felt a struggle going on in Henk - something, or some-ONE, wanted to get out (shades of"Alien")! I suggested he try the text again, this time not mumbling and staring at the paper, but projecting out to us, as if across a crowded plaza, selling his wares!
And instantly there it was, Henk channelled Chico Marx with his Tootsie Frootsie ice cream ("A day at the races"): strong Italian accent, his voice clear as a bell, gesturing to the back of the hall and brimming with energy!
From then on there was no going back. Next step was to infuse Henk's"normal" (but incomplete) voice with elements and colours from Chico.
Henk lit up, was funny and inspiring, and the reaction of the rest of the Board assured me that he would be invited to head up more presentations and meeting henceforth - Job Done!

Sometimes we need permission to explore other sides of our personality, bringing range and variety to our Presence. The voice is such a flexible organ it can adapt quickly, giving us access to these neglected areas - of ourselves.
Wholeness, the whole picture - or at least the greater part of it - gives more surface area for connection with others, for trust.

That's Authenticity!

Do you have an alter ego which you bring out from time to time, and under what circumstances?

Do you dare to show up with all your colours?

Have you ever felt that you're not giving vent to all parts of yourself?

Do you keep yourself small so as not to rock other people's idea of who you are?

Do let me know!


Working with Elise gave me more confidence and peace. I can take my time so I'm enjoying my own voice again and can give much more meaning to what I say. It has given me a vitality boost and inspiration.

Geerd Schlangen, Founder @ Red to be Blue

improving leadership and communication skills through voice, body and imagination.

Elise Lorraine

"Re-connecting a client to their original, powerful vocal sound and seeing the confidence boost that it gives them makes my job the best in the world! The story begins here!"

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