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About elise

improving leadership and communication skills through voice, body and expressive exercises.

Elise Lorraine studied singing, piano and composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London (G.R.S.M, L.R.A.M.), and gained a Master of Arts at the University of York.

"I started professional life as a singer, working with new music, dance and free improvisation, in London, and later also in Amsterdam.  I was the soloist with various chamber ensembles and many composers have written music especially for my voice. I extended into coaching professionals, improving leadership and communication skills through voice, body and expressive exercises.  Working for multi-national companies took me around the world, including the USA, Australia and Hong Kong."  

Years of experience in both arts and business

Taking the step from the Arts into the world of business took me back to the essence of what the voice is and how it works.  As a singer and teacher of singing I discovered that developing vocal range and colour involves getting back to the most instinctive connections to the voice. The more we by-pass the thinking brain the more compelling and powerful (not necessarily loud) our sound becomes.

When singing a song - or giving a presentation or leading a meeting - we tell a story.  And if that story resonates with you, the listeners will feel and hear that resonance, they'll believe in it, and in you.

Unfortunately, life teaches us to disconnect, to play safe and keep ourselves small. So, the work which needs to be done is imaginative as well as physical, the one helps the other along, it's enjoyable and the process gives you freedom and confidence!

My coaching USP

Years of experience in both arts and the business worlds has enabled me to discern in any individual the source of their particular character and power, and to help them develop and “own” it. This insight is backed up by a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of vocalisation – both speaking and singing. I know how balance and energise the various functions of the voice to create a wide range of expression.


Working with Elise gave me more confidence and peace. I can take my time so I'm enjoying my own voice again and can give much more meaning to what I say. It has given me a vitality boost and inspiration.

Geerd Schlangen, Founder @ Red to be Blue

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Elise Lorraine

"Re-connecting a client to their original, powerful vocal sound and seeing the confidence boost that it gives them makes my job the best in the world! The story begins here!"

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